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HBIS Delivering Special Steel to China Big Aircraft Making

May 14, the first Chinese C919 Airliner successfully completed its first test flight before delivering to the client. C919 is the China’s first airliner independently developed, without relying on imports. China's aircraft manufacturing really go on an independent development road of great development. And the world’s largest 80,000ton Die Forging Press which is compulsory to manufacture C919, its the raw material high thickness electroslag steel 20MnNiMo, is developed by HBIS, which fills the domestic gap.   

Forging press is vital to manufacture big airplanes and before the latest Chinese one, only USA, Russia and France owned such equipment and the largest one was 75,000ton press from Russian. 20MnNiMo steel is key to build such machines and very hard to produce. Large thickness electroslag steel 20MnNiMo is the most difficult steel to produce in this equipment, no domestic manufacturer has been able to produce it before. 

In order to promote the made in China of steel for national key projects, at the extremely high standards of density, purity, mechanical properties and flatness of the steel grade, in addition to the problems of large single weight and large thickness of steel plate, HBIS organized technical personnel to tackle themafter more than 6 months of overcoming difficulties, a number of major technical problems were solved, and the performance of the products exceeded the standards of similar foreign products, fully able to meet the requirements of use, and the price is far lower than similar imported products, all high quality steel plate delivery on schedule, get highly appraised.