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HBIS ZhangXuan HighTec High Tensile Round-Link Chain Steel Winning Contracts of Special Equipment of Mining Industry

May 2, HBIS ZhangXuan HighTec successfully develops its high tensile round-link chain steel with satisfying mechanical, diemsional and internal quality readings. The steel will be used to manufacture special equipment in mining industry.  

The mining high tensile round-link chain steel owns high strength and excellent abrasion resistance capabilities. With great markets and high profit level, this steel is widely used to manufacture coal mine scraper conveyer and transmission chain of loaders. The market foreground is broad with obvious economic benefit and social benefit.

ZhangXuan HighTec is building its production base for key materials for high end equipment by optimizing its product structure and client structure and developing new materials for high end equipment. Busides thoroughly studying the effects of surface quality to fatigue strength, the Round-link chain project team invested their time to alloys to improve the welding and impact ductility performances. Before product development, they repeated argumentation and optimization, made research and development of a thorough product development program and exclusive technology program.  In the development process, the key technological points of special smelting process are precisely controlled to ensure the quality stability of ingot, improve the control forging level, and ensure the successful development of high-strength mine ring chain steel.