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HBIS First Release WisCarbon Digital Platform in the Industry

April 21, one day before the 53th World Earth Day, HBIS Digital Tech and HBIS Strategic Research Institute together launched WisCarbon carbon neutralization digital platform firstly in steel industry of China, which is self independent research and development, and an independent platform based on HBIS Digital Tech WeShare industrial internet platform and HBIS steel manufacturing process, is committed to providing digital solution services for the whole process of precise carbon reduction for steel and upstream and downstream industries and enterprises.

World Steel Association Deputy Director General Zhong Shaoliang, Metallurgical Industry Information Standard Research Institute President Zhang Longqiang, HBIS Vice President Li Yiren attended the press conference and delivered a speech. Experts from HBIS Strategic Research Institute and HBIS Digital Tech presented the platforms and technical solutions.

In recent years, HBIS grasps "Person, Ateel, Environment Harmonious Symbiosis" concept, insists to do low carbon green industry transformation of the promoters, leading and role-models. Successively in March 2021, and March 2022, HBIS takes the lead in low carbon green development action plan and low carbon development technology roadmap in the industry according to the "carbon neutral" in 2050. HBIS has identified six technical paths including process optimization and reconstruction, system energy efficiency improvement, and two specific schemes for the construction of product life cycle evaluation and carbon data management platforms were identified. 

The development of WisCarbon carbon neutral digital platform is an important part of the implementation of HBIS low-carbon development technology roadmap, as well as a practical measure to promote the deep integration of digital technology and steel manufacturing, and to promote the industry accurately reduce carbon with digital technology. 

WisCarbon carbon neutral digital platform is a concrete entity product with fully independent intellectual property rights centered on carbon footprint and carbon data management, mainly including CTrace, CManage, CTrading, CGHG, CMoni, CGSP and other sub-platforms. 

Among them, CTrace carbon footprint sub-platform carries out carbon footprint calculation and analysis of the whole process from the product level, and provides data analysis service for product carbon footprint calculation of downstream industry users. At the same time, low-carbon green product design will be carried out for downstream industry users, low-carbon green product production system will be built to provide data analysis and support services, and collaborative cross-field low-carbon will be realized. CManage Carbon data management sub-platform realizes the collection, monitoring and analysis of carbon data in the whole process of iron and steel enterprises from the enterprise level, helping enterprises to find out the background of carbon and complete carbon verification. Provide a series of end-to-end system solution services for iron and steel enterprises to implement "carbon neutral" target management and carbon asset development. 

Next, HBIS Digital Tech and HBIS Strategic Research Institute will jointly launch the Carbon Neutralization Digital Innovation Workshop to improve the upgrade and application and product capabilities to provide WisCarbon services to enterprises, industiral associations and government agencies. At the same time, the workshop will lead and promote the declaration, formulation and implementation of industrial, local and national standards related to low-carbon development, to empower low-carbon green development with digital technology, create more HBIS solutions in the whole process of carbon footprint, carbon data digital management, contribute more HBIS wisdom on the road to achieve "carbon peak, carbon neutral" development, and join hands in the construction of low-carbon green collaborative development of the industrial ecosystem.