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12 Projects from HBIS Winning Science & Technology Awards of Hebei Province

April 12, the Hebei Provicial Science & Technology Conference announced its winners of Science & Technology Awards, and HBIS High Purity Vanadium Green Manufacturing Technology and Applications, Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Blast Furnace Intelligent Modelling and Optimization Technologies and Applications won First Awards. 

The High Purity Vanadium Green Manufacturing Technology and Applications has developed a new green manufacturing process of high purity Vanadium oxide with independent intellectual property rights, innvented the controllable aluminothermy Calcium vanadate procedure to produce aeorspace class Vanadium Alumnium Alloy, and developed new technologies to produce Vanadium Solution with Vanadium Oxide under refined environment. World’s first 1000ton/ year high purity Vandium Oxide, 600ton/year Vanadium Alumnium Alloy and 2000 cubic meters/year high purity Vanadium solution facilities were alreay in operation. The green and low carbon production of high purity Vanadium materials won 40% of the global market and give strong support to the independent and high quality development of aerospace industry and new energy industry.

Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Blast Furnace Intelligent Modelling and Optimization Technologies and Applications has invented the cloth intelligent modeling and optimal control of the process of blast furnace technology, based on the blast furnace condition intelligent diagnosis and optimization of the gas flow control technology, and based on the data of blast furnace hot metal intelligent modeling and optimization control technology, reveals the mechanism of gas flow and the evolution of blast furnace condition, build the material optimization control and improve the quality of molten iron blast furnace optimization control schemethe energy saving, emission reduction and quality improvement of blast furnace process have been realized, and the economic benefits have exceeded 1 billion yuan in the past three years. 

HBIS has made continuous efforts in technological innovation, aiming at the development of cutting-edge leading technologies, key generic technologies and high-end products to improve the industry influence and product competitiveness, and has continuously increased the intensity and investment in R&D. The independent research and development capacity of the enterprise has been steadily improved. HBIS gives full play to the synergistic advantages of global R&D and innovation platforms, continuously deepes strategic cooperation with high-end users, first-class enterprises and top research institutes at home and abroad, and makes a large number of industry-leading scientific and technological achievements. We will make innovations in HR mechanisms, promote market-based talent selection and energy efficiency training, and build teams of leading scientific and technological employees to provide talent support for scientific and technological innovation.