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Two HBIS Participants Winning the Championship of Professional suite and Student suite of the 16th Simulated Steelmaking Challenge of the World Steel Association

April 13, the results of the World Steel Association 16th Simulated Steelmaking Challenge regional championship were announced. Two HBIS participants defeated the players from Europe, America, West Asia and East Asia by absolute advantage, won the championship of professional category and student category. In six years, HBIS teams have won four world champion titles of industry category and one champion title in student category.

Simulated Steelmaking Challenge of the World Steel Association is the only worldwide simulation production skill competition in the iron and steel industry, which is recognized as an outstanding annual event in the world steel industry. A total of 1,480 contestants from 33 countries and regions took part in the competition. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the finals would be held online and remotely. 

The final was held on April 11, Beijing time, and the winners of the regional championships from world-renowned steel enterprises and universities competed for the professional and student world championships.  Participants use the "Electric Furnace Steelmaking and Refining Integrated Simulation System" to simulate steel making and strive to smelt the best quality steel at the lowest cost. Carbon footprint tracking and restrictions have also been added to this competition, therefore competitors must reduce smelting costs under minimize carbon emissions.Wang Ruibin from HBIS Tangsteel won in the professional category and Li Qichen from HBIS Tangsteel Vocational College won in the student category.

In recent years, HBIS GROUP has in-depth implemented the Industrial Workers Team Building Reform in the New Era, actively carried out technical compeititon, online training, and other broad worker skills improvement activities, perfect talent incentive mechanism, actively encourage a bold and inclusive innovation for talent, to provide a broader platform to show staff capability. HBIS encourages employees to actively participate in Simulated Steelmaking Challenge of the World Steel Association, which is one of the key work of the HBIS industrial worker team reform, and also the epitome of HBIS in-depth promotion of talent organization and transformation development. In all kinds of skill competitions, HBIS emerged a batch of young technical experts rooted in the front line, creating a knowledge-based, technology-based, innovative and high-skilled talent team, who are matching with the high-quality development of HBIS, and providing strong talent support HBIS for the construction of the most competitive iron and steel enterprises.