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HBIS Capable Batch Forging Nickel Base Alloy Products

On April 1, superalloy GH2132, which is forged by HBIS customized for a high-end customer, successfully rolled off the production line, that will be used to manufacture the high temperature bearing force part of the aero-engine for long-term operation below 650℃.  

Since the beginning of this year, HBIS has developed 5 special nickel base alloy products, and has the batch forging capacity of special nickel base alloy series products.  

HBIS comprehensively promotes technological upgrading, takes customer demand as the guidance, aims at "professional, premium, special and new", gives full play to the advantages of Zhangxuan high-tech technology and equipment, vigorously promotes the research and development of high value-added products and high-tech products, continuously and stably creates high-end materials, and enhances brand influence.