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HBIS Fine Steel Contributes to Demonstration Project "Hualong No.1"

On March 25, the second unit of China's independent third generation nuclear power demonstration project Hualong No. 1, that is China National Nuclear Corporation Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 6 was officially qualified for commercial operation. Hereto, demonstration project Hualong No. 1 is fully completed and put into operation. This is a major achievement of China's nuclear power development in the new era, marking that China's nuclear power technology and comprehensive strength has become the world's first stage. In the construction of Fuqing Nuclear power project, HBIS 18MND5 and 16MND5 nuclear island-grade steel broke the long-term dependence on import of high-grade nuclear power steel, vigorously promoted the localization of steel used in the project, and nearly 160,000 tons of high strength vanadium seismic reinforcement reinforced the safety foundation of the project, demonstrating the strong strength of HBIS products.

Hualong No. 1 is the third generation of pressurized water reactor nuclear power innovation fruits developed and designed by Chinese nuclear power enterprises with completely independent intellectual property rights. Its double-layered containment structure is designed to withstand magnitude 9 earthquakes and the impact of large commercial aircraft, making it one of the safest nuclear power technologies in the world.  

In the construction of Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 6, HBIS high-end nuclear steel plate is used in the manufacturing of reactor, steam generator, steam turbine and generator of conventional island level and nuclear island level equipment of the unit. Among them, ultra-wide and high elongation nuclear steel Q345R is used to manufacture sealing ring of nuclear reactor pressure vessel and soda water separation reheater of the unit.  High grade steel plate Q345C, P265GH used for steam generator sewage pipe support plate manufacturing. Plate 20HR for nuclear containment steel lining manufacturing.  

Previously, HBIS products were also used in the construction of Fuqing No. 5 nuclear power unit. 150 tons of super wide and high elongation nuclear steel is used to build the protective door of the nuclear safety gate of the unit. The performance elongation ratio is 50% higher than the industry standard, which can ensure the safety of the nuclear power unit under extreme circumstances. It is the highest grade nuclear power safety gate in the global nuclear power field. The development of nuclear island grade nuclear steel 18MND5, 16MND5, etc., ended long-term dependence on imports of high-grade nuclear steel in China, and several grades of nuclear steel plates are used in the manufacture of many important equipment in the project.

In addition, HBIS also supplied nearly 160,000 tons of vanadium high-strength seismic reinforcement for Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant, all of which were used in the main body of the nuclear island, raft base, containment vessel and other important parts.  

In the process of product guarantee and supply, we gives full play to the advantage of "HBIS Mode" of national key project guarantee and supply, and provides all-round services for the project to ensure that the products meet the construction needs, which is highly recognized by the client. In 2017, the dome hoisting ceremony of Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 5 was held, and HBIS was invited to attend as an outstanding supplier representative. And HBIS relative subsidiaries also won the title of "Excellent Partner" of China National Nuclear Corporation.